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Customized workshops & times are available

About the Program:

Learning THE BRAINWALK® is easy and fun in a group and then it is great to go through this individually with a Mind-Kinetics™ coach. Just like Human-Kinetics is the body and how it moves Mind-Kinetics™ exercises the brain in different ways opening up more of the power or potential we all have hidden in our deepest recesses.

THE BRAINWALK® works on the premise that the human brain has all the ‘cell power’ required to process problems and provide us with instant solutions. However activating those brain cells may be difficult when we work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment. THE BRAINWALK® guides us to success!


  • Stimulate your brain cells to innovate.
  • Work smarter not harder by growing your intuitive ability.
  • Become more focused and productive; both personally and professionally.
  • Discover how to become a bilateral thinker, able to switch between the right and left-brain.
  • Clarify any issue in your life or amplify values in which you already have great competency.

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The BrainWalk® Course: $225 (includes B.W. kit)
Refresher Course: $99 (excludes kit)

Customized workshops & times available.
Ask for group rates of 6 or more.
Location: 29 Washington Avenue, Ottawa