Anny Tenbult, PCPC

Leadership & Life Coach

CLI Professional Certified Power Coach®
CLI Certified Group Power Coach®
IIC Accredited Senior Coach

Since 1985 Anny Tenbult has successfully served the coaching, training, facilitation, management and sales industries. Her extensive experience is backed by her training and certification from Coaching & Leadership International Inc. (CLI) as a Professional Certified Power Coach® (PCPC) and Certified Group Power Coach® (CGPC); her certification as an Accredited Senior Coach (ASC) with the International Institute of Coaching, Ltd. (IIC). In addition, Anny’s senior status as a PCPC has earned her the position of International Instructor for CLI’s Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® Coach Training Program. Anny’s DiSC® Indra training and certification supports organizations in the areas of management, sales, teambuilding and conflict resolution.

In 2002, Anny founded Power Focus Coaching, which was first started to help individuals and small businesses, but has now grown to include working with the government, as well as mid-size businesses.

In her one-on-one coaching to individuals, Anny enables them to gain a greater awareness of themselves and empowers them to address interpersonal issues and build self-esteem. By asking knowledgeable and creative questions, she encourages, motivates and inspires individuals to celebrate their own self-worth; deeper through personal reflection and develop a more meaningful and balanced life in all aspects of their lives. On top of all that she guides and supports the personal growth of each individual and works with them to discover their strengths and identifies opportunities in order to achieve their goals.

As a business coach, Anny provides her knowledge of business management and discusses strategies with her clients about increasing productivity, promoting new ideas, developing healthy communication and creating a more productive work environment. Her business coaching helps her clients solve problems and turn them into opportunities. Anny even goes one step further… by asking questions to empower businesses so that they can discover, clarify and gain insight to the challenges and strengths of their business. She also encourages self-discovery so that businesses can focus on their priorities and plan Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based (S.M.A.R.T.) goals.

Through her individualized coaching, seminars, workshops and keynotes, Anny provides her clients proven, successful and concrete tools, as well as skills to help them dramatically enhance the overall quality of their personal and business life. She has proven that productivity is increased through her coaching, and that alleviating stressors and creating clear paths in which to work, makes for a happier, healthier environment.