Mission Statement

Power Focus Coaching’s mission is to easily transform oneself through coaching and mentoring to great leaders in corporations, entrepreneurs and sports people; bringing continuous great teachings to leaders ready to make a difference by being pro-active and enabling improvement as a result.



Peace:  Acceptance of all people and religions keeping balance through calmness and self-coaching.

Insight:  Seeing beyond what Clients see is possible and asking questions so Clients can see their stuff.

Humour:  Laughing at oneself and encouraging how to laugh.

Love:  We give from the heart and tell stories which encourage openness.

Loyalty:  We do what we say and go beyond for our Clients.

Recognition:  We give praise when it is due and identify own accomplishments.

Thankfulness:  We are grateful for all things and people by verbalizing it.

Wisdom:  We are constantly learning and teaching through workshops so more people gain insight, love and wisdom.