Find Prospects for Your Business

by Coach Anny
Find Prospects for Your Business

This depends on your business where you pinpoint your clients.  Most people think about pinpointing as locating or as a geographic area.  Information about a business should be researched before being approached.  Then when physically in the business premises take a look around and you will see more of who and what you are dealing with.  I always like to go a bit early on a call so I can understand who I will be working with.  As a salesperson spend some time on pre-planning what you are going to show and say.  There are no sure ways of predicting areas of interest or challenges, but there are always logical guideposts of where to start.

One of the first abilities a sales person develops is the ability to get the person to do most of the talking in the early part of a prospecting call.  The sales person must develop the ability to switch their line of questioning quickly; especially if a discussion is going nowhere.

Visualize a gold miner in your mind’s eye; with a pick, and see him/her digging for gold.  If he/she uncovers indications of gold they dig further.  Once he/she is sure that there is no gold they try a new approach.  On a prospecting call the sales person is essentially digging for indications of a problem or an area where interest can be developed.

The sales person is searching for an area of need, whether the prospect recognizes the need at this point or not.  It is important to ask great questions as a sales person.  Experience soon tells him/her more accurately where to start digging and how far they can dig.  Any call, no matter how cold or unexpected, can be planned to a considerable degree by giving it just a few minutes of logical contemplation as to where to start digging.  Then using your creative conversational abilities move into the call with greater understanding.

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