Evaluate the Quality of your Sales Calls

Evaluate the Quality of your Sales Calls

There are several valuable analyses you can make from your call reports to determine the quality of your prospecting calls, by being honest with yourself.  Assume you uncover some needs by demonstration and then this gives you the opportunity to reveal some more; therefore the more sales you do the more opportunities of making the sale.  Additionally, you will cash in on these opportunities only if you are good at closing early and often and at asking for the sale.

It is difficult to establish hard and fast rules as to how many calls you need to make per day or per week.  There are many variables to take into account.  However, it stands to reason that the more good sales calls you make, the more demonstrations you will make, and the more orders you will get.  Every salesperson has their own ‘Law of Averages’.  The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities to sell, will gain you more sales.

I get asked, “What is meant by a good sales call”?  You must arrive at your own answer to this question.  On a good sales call the salesperson makes satisfactory progress toward an order; the overall time spent in seeking the order being proportionate with the value of the order and the prospect.

The ambitious salesperson keeps track of their averages and develops ways to up their performance quality. 

  1. The ratio of total calls to good sales calls.
  2. The number of demonstrations per call.
  3. The number and value or orders per call.
  4. The number and value of orders per good sales calls on which a demonstration was made vs. those on which no demonstration was made.
  5. Calls per week, calls per month.

Some sales people actually make too many calls getting little or nothing accomplished on any of them.  No one can say such a person isn’t working hard enough.  In other cases too much is discussed per call, and little or nothing is accomplished.  Since the salesperson is the one on the call, they really are the only one who can truly evaluate what they are doing and control the quality of their calls.

If the salesperson uses their head, heart, feet, hands, ears, mouth and give each call a little pre-planning they can keep their averages moving up.  If the salesperson holds a brief ‘Curbstone Conference’ with themself before a prospecting call; they can improve their ratio of calls vs. good sales calls.  There is quite a difference between the two.

To be successful at sales; work smarter, and when need be harder especially when first starting out.