Communication is the Key to Selling

Communication is the Key to Selling

If you can converse, you can sell.  Getting prospects to agree with an idea or to buy an idea is largely a matter of how the idea is expressed.  The words a salesperson uses, the way they phrase their words, their attitude, their enthusiasm, and their sincerity; all have a bearing whether an idea is accepted or not.

Understand what you are selling and work at making calls to locate and see prospects.  Saying the right things in the right way to the right people will create success.  Work constantly at improving your abilities in this area.  However to be a good communicator not only do you need to speak you need to be a good listener.

The most common fault of salespeople is not listening or talking too much.  Listen when the prospect is talking.   Do not think about what I am going to say next.  The prospect is giving you significant information.  It could be they are confused or they disagree or they have a question.  Recording yourself, you can see where you have issues to work on; or have a mentor listen to it and give useful feedback.

Working on the art of listening will endear you to people because almost everyone enjoys talking about themselves.  Appreciation of this fact puts you ahead others because no one can learn with their mouth open or with their ears closed.

To be good at communicating you need to first learn how to speak in a good way and secondly you need to know how to receive information.