Basics of Selling

Basics of Selling

Or, what I like to call Being of Service

There actually is no mystery to selling.  Selling is a simple combination of knowledge, hard work, the right attitude and plain common sense.

To sell something, a person needs to know enough about it to explain it; they must invest time to meet people until they find someone who needs it; they must effectively explain it to their prospect in terms of the potential benefits for the prospect if it is accepted; and they must ask the prospect to buy it.  There are ramifications and refinements to this statement, but selling is basically just this simple.

Three Purposeful Goals:         

  1. Locate a prospect by questioning.
  2. Qualify the prospect.  Do they have the authority to buy?  Do they recognize they have a problem?  Are they willing and ready to do something about the problem?
  3. Convert the prospect into a customer.  Demonstrate your product or service.  You can give a proposition.  You can prove the value of the proposition.  It is very important to ask for the order to close the sale.

These three purposeful goals may be accomplished in a single sales call.  More complex systems justify and require more time. There is significant potential for the salesperson to accomplish all three goals in one call.

Without making calls you have no sales; and with no sales you have no business. Figure out your closing average and you know how many calls you need to make.   If a call is not for one of these three purposes – to locate, to qualify, to convert – then it isn’t a sales call.  A salesperson may become confused about selling if the process of sales calls is not resulting in qualified prospects and active customers.  Selling is no mystery to people who recognize how they are Being of Service to their customer and work with focus, intention and confidence when making true sales calls.