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Whether you are looking for coaching on how to turn your passion into an income, need some advice on the best workplace strategies, are currently in career transition or wish to change your personal life, seek out professional advice from an experienced Coach. A professional coach will listen, collaborate, support and assist you to identify and gain clarity on your goals, achieve your dreams, fulfill your aspirations and enhance your power to succeed!


Business CoachingBusiness Coaching

If you are looking for a business coach to help maximize your potential and achieve extraordinary results in your professional life, discover how Power Focus Coaching can help guide you down the right path with their Business Coaching in Ottawa. Contact us today!

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Life CoachingLife Coaching

Life coaching helps individuals live their lives to the fullest by introducing new perspectives to realize hidden potential. Life coaches provide guidance and support so that their clients can identify S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives to move their live's forward.

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Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching

Where life coaching can focus on any area of your life (including career & business), executive coaching has a higher degree of focus on your professional life. We work with you to develop skill building, long-term and short-term goals to manage the challenges and pace of today's workplace.


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Coaching for WomenCoaching for Women in the Workplace

Coaching for Women encompasses all aspects of life: focusing on self-esteem; how to say no to others and yes to yourself; as well as how to balance family, relationships, business, career, parenting and personal development. Are you ready?


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